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nerosunero interviewed by ganzo mag (LA)

Mario Sughi aka Nerosunero |
Life as Comic Nonsense
nerosunero interviewed by
Staisey Divorski for
Ganzo Magazine (LA, USA, 1 III 2012)

Ganzo How did your upcoming exhibit take shape? What do you dread and what do you look forward to in preparing a show?

nerosunero When I prepare works for a new exhibition I never worry too much about the subject matter. All my works have figures standing in either interiors or exteriors. I am always more concerned about how to do something rather than what to do.

The narrative of my work is minimal and there are no statements or statements of intention at all. To be honest I don’t think my works have any meaning. And this is fine with me. It makes them more mysterious which I believe means more real.

The viewer, if he or she wishes, will offer their own interpretation and look for some sort of narrative, because when you put two figures side by side, it becomes almost inevitable that some people will start to see some kind of narrative and create something out of it.

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