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Dinner by nerosunero on 20x20 Magazine (London)

Dinner by nerosunero features on "Hunger for Distraction" the new issue of
20x20 Magazine

20x20 Magazine (London, England, 27 VII 2009), # 2, p. 49


nerosunero on leCool (Dublin edition)

features as cover artist on this week edition of leCool

Cover / Interview
leCool ( Dublin, Ireland, 9-16 VII 2009)

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nerosunero on d[x]i magazine

nerosunero on d[x]i magazine, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

A full page illustration by nerosunero features on the new issue of
d[x]i Magazine (Valencia - SPAIN, June 2009) # 34, the Frivolity Issue.