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nerosunero on Luerzers Archive 200 Best Illustrators

Man on industrial landscape by nerosunero originally published by
INK_01 Encuentro Internacional de Ilustracion (Madrid, Spain 27 II 2009) p. 158
has been selected to feature inLuerzers Archive 200 Best Illustrators World-wide 2009.
Luerzers Archive (Wien, Austria).


nerosunero at newsugar

nerosunero at newsugar, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

mario sughi aka nerosunero is featuring this month on issue 5 of English Mag
alongside with a great group of friends and illustrators:
jacqueline bos,
dan button,
deac 4,
aine cassidy,
gemma correll,
crayon dreamer,
betony may,



vietnamthemovie & nerosunero

vietnamthemovie & nerosunero, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

"First ever Rip Rip by myself - nerosunero & vietnamthemovie

First ever Rip Rip by

vietnamthemovie & nerosunero

Here is the concept: You find a image in an magazine, rip it out, rip it in half. You then illustrate

one half and post the other half for others to illustrate. People then post their halves so you can

mash em back together....simple?

Read full story at:




nerosunero at the digital hub (Dublin)

nerosunero will feature on the Homepage of the Digital Hub Exhibit, Dublin (from 8 April to 7 May 2009) is an information, networking and showcasing space

for digital media creatives brought to you by The Digital Hub.


nerosunero on Dribpbook

nerosunero on Dribpbook, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

nerosunero is featuring on the March Newsletter of Dripbook (New York),

alongside with Indonesian fotographer Nicoline Patricia Malina and Hello Designers,

a full-service graphic design studio in Chicago.