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nerosunero's prints on Amazon, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

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nerosunero reviewed by Mutantspace

Mario Sughi aka nerosunero’s illustrations take on the Irish middle class, the wealthy pinko liberals who I despise. He upsets, disrupts, exposes their genteel ways for what they are, empty gestures towards open thinking.

Sughi has a unique angle on the comings and goings of the Irish middle class as he’s been living and working in Dublin for over 25 years after a career working as a cartoonist in Italy during a period noted for its state corruption, mafia collusion and political agitation. Ireland is not much different, its protagonists just quieter, more conniving, better at spinning a story.

And these illustrations are full of stories. Look closely and you’ll find yourself in a world of cold, glacial characters going to and from galleries, restaurants, golf courses, modernist seaside houses in their sunglasses, short skirts and suits. It’s a country, a place driven by social affectations and cultural ignorance .

Sughi’s great skill is the subtle way he undermines the class structure in our so called classless republic, his satirical pictures dressed up in a Hocknesque disguise; minimalist geometric forms in candy coloured bliss, breezy scenes of the high life in a world oblivious to social justice.

You can see Mario Sughi’s work until 17th August 2013 @ RHA 183rd Annual Exhibition, 15 Ely Place, Dublin

Published on Mutantspace (Cork, IR, 29 VII 2013)

nerosunero on Justapoz Mag

nerosunero on Justapoz Mag, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

Illustrations by nerosunero (Mario Sughi)
Justapoz Mag
(San Francisco, CA, USA 7 VIII 2013)