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Protero Hill, Poster

Protero Hill, Poster, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

Protero Hill, Poster by nerosunero
Client: Dijest Guide (London UK & San Francisco, CA, USA, Feb. 2010)


nerosunero on ELASTIKA (Lisbon)

presented on
Elastika (Lisboa, Portugal, 15 II 2010)


nerosunero interviewed by Scamp (Dublin)

A nice interview with nerosunero on the topic of illustration
is featuring today on
Scamp (Dublin, IR, 12 II 2010),
the blog of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland (IGI)

Read the interview

Picture: il Trap and nerosunero, Dublin, by beerbohmtree


nerosunero on Toronto Street Fashion

nerosunero is featuring on the homepage of
Toronto Street Fashion (Toronto, CA, 8 II 2010)
The nerosunero's illustration is in relation to the calling of upcoming international illustrators' contest at 3x3 Magazine New York.


nerosunero on Touch Puppet

nerosunero on Touch Puppet, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

nerosunero on
Touch Puppet, Art, Fashion and Photography (Houston, Tx, USA, 3 II 2010)

nerosunero on the BLAAAHg

nerosunero on the BLAAAHg, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

nerosunero on
the BLAAAHg (NY, USA, 3 II 2010)
The Blaaahg is a collection of information pertaining to Art, Music, Skateboard,
and Blog culture. Identity and blog design.

nerosunero on Unstage

nerosunero on Unstage, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

nerosunero on UNSTAGE. Inspiration Everywhere (2 I 2010)