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SAG opening night in Amsterdam

SAG opening night in Amsterdam, originally uploaded by nerosunero.
Sexy Art Gallery opening night (Dec. 10 2009) at the Erotic Museum, Amsterdam (pictures by Sander Baks). The exhbition includes works by nerosunero

Mario Sughi aka nerosunero(Ireland) - Bob Coulter (USA) - Dorian Drake (UK) - Jeff Wack (USA) - Matteo Alfonsi (France) - Carolyn Weltman (USA) - Beatrice Morabito (Italy) - Francesco DIsa (Italy) -Hector Domiane (France) - Jeffrey Richter (USA) - Dorian X (Italy) - Valerio Pierbattista (Italy) - Lior Ron (Israel) - Kronos (USA) - Erin K. Lenchner (USA) - VANGYN (The Netherlands) - YoniLab (France) - Clément Collet- Billon (France) - Kaji (USA) - Kris Wlodarski (UK)

SAG by EM: Erotic Museum, 3rd floor, O.Z. Achterburgwal 54, Amsterdam
Office: Weissenbruchstraat 17 1058KL Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 643596234
Office //


nerosunero on ideafixa (brazil)

nerosunero on
Ideafixa Nostalgia (Curitiba, Brazil, 15 XII 2009), # 14


nerosunero at BangArt, Rome

nerosunero at BangArt, Rome, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

a href="" rel="nofollow">nerosunero at BangArt (Rome, Italy, 9 XII 2009)


Never leave the house naked

Never leave the house naked, originally uploaded by nerosunero.
Never Leave the House Naked (And 50 other Ridiculous Fashion Rules) featuring Double portrait of Love from Larissa by nerosunero, has been relesead.

The book is edited by Anneloes Van Gaalen that today sent me this little note:
"Your work fit the book perfectly so thanks again for ketting us use it!"
Best, Anneloes

By The Way The Double Portrait of Love from Larissa by nerosunero illustrates rule 12 of the Book that is" Never leave the house naked"

Never Leave the House Naked, BIS Publishers (Amsterdam, NL, XI 2009)

For the beautiful artist Love from Larissa please see


nerosunero cover artist of Blank Media (Dec. 09)

is the cover artist of this month issue of
Blank Media Collective (Manchester, England, 1 XII 2009), #17


Machines Miracle or Magic? Cover by nerosunero

Religion, Miracles or Magic? produced by LeeGrace Studio for Design Week (Waterford, Ireland, 7 XI 2009)
Cover by nerosunero




Casa Rima art design (Porto Alegre, Brazil, 5 XI 2009)

nerosunero for the Association of Illustrators (AOI)

nerosunero will feature on the new homepage of The Association of Illustrators (AOI)

AOI (London, England 6 XI 2009)


nerosunero brilliantly reviewed by MoCo Loco (Canada)

received a beutiful review by Canadian Art magazine MoCo Loco
MoCo Loco (Dorval, Quebec, Canada, 4 XI 2009)

The review can be read at:


nerosunero @ Computer Graphic World (USA)

mario sughi aka nerosunero
is November/December 09
feature artist for Computer Graphic World
CGW (Glendale, CA, USA, 1 XI 2009)


You are so beautiful! on 3x3 Magazine

You are so beautiful by nerosunero
features on the new issue of 3x3.

3x3, The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration (New York, USA, 1 X 2009), #13, p.80
3x3mag currentissue


nerosunero on SHIFT CALENDAR 2010 (Tokjo)

artwork will be featured in the 2010 Calendar for Shift in Tokyo.

Shift (Tokyo, Japan, 1 X 2009)
Shift Calendar 2010

The Shift Calendar Competition started in 2003 with an aim to discover fresh creators.

For the 7th competition of this year, 1,837 entries were received from 38 countries.

Twelve carefully selected works will decorate each month of the Shift calendar,

which will be on sale from October 20th and appeared in shops and galleries around the world



nerosunero enters the IGI (Dublin)

so happy to be part of the
Illustrators Guild of Ireland
great!!!! thanks!!!


never live the house naked (preview)

Never Leave the House Naked
and 50 other Ridiculous Fashion Rules
read the preview

ISBN: 978-90-6369-214-8
Author: Anneloes van Gaalen
Design: BORN84
Format: hardcover
Dimensions: 17 x 12 cm
Pages: 160
BIS Publishers (Amsterdam, Holland forthcoming November 2009)
including work by nerosunero


oh! Fringe (Dublin Festival), cover illustration by nerosunero

Oh Fringe (Dublin, Ireland, 10 X 2009), #3.5 , produced by Oh Francis
Cover illustration by nerosunero


nerosunero for Max Magazine (Poland)

Max Magazine (Gdynia, Poland, 1 VIII 2009), no. 98, p. 6

nerosunero exhibition @ the Galerie Rubens (Brussels) at the
Galerie Rubens de Maria Manfredonia
Dries 41
B-1170 Watermael-Boitsfort
Brussels / Belgium


nerosunero @ NewWebPick (China/Hong Kong)

features on the new issue of
New Web Pick

New Web Pick
(Wan Chai, Hong Kong & Beijing China, 11 VIII),
#23, pp. 447/460


August 2009 nerosunero on AOI

August 2009 nerosunero on AOI, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

nerosunero's Robbery is showcased on the 'Image Spotlight' section

and included in the client newsletter of the

Association of Illustrators and individual artists

(London, England, 2 VIII 2009)


Dinner by nerosunero on 20x20 Magazine (London)

Dinner by nerosunero features on "Hunger for Distraction" the new issue of
20x20 Magazine

20x20 Magazine (London, England, 27 VII 2009), # 2, p. 49


nerosunero on leCool (Dublin edition)

features as cover artist on this week edition of leCool

Cover / Interview
leCool ( Dublin, Ireland, 9-16 VII 2009)

leCool arrives each Thursday morning for free in people's email inbox.

It is also live online. It is available in 8 cities around europe and has a collective readership of over 200,000.


nerosunero on d[x]i magazine

nerosunero on d[x]i magazine, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

A full page illustration by nerosunero features on the new issue of
d[x]i Magazine (Valencia - SPAIN, June 2009) # 34, the Frivolity Issue.


nerosunero on appendix magazine

is one of the 45 artists featuring on Appendix Magazine/Book/Catalogue

Appendix Magazine (Milan, IT, 20 VI 2009), the Zero Edition

Appendix Magazine


nerosunero reviewed by Fashion 156

nerosunero got an excellent review by
Fashion 156 (London, England, 04 VI 2009)
Very very pleased!


nerosunero on blanket magazine (australia)


Blanket Magazine, The Communication Issue (Brisbane, Australia, 6 V 2009), # 15, pp. 87-88


nerosunero website powered by dripbook

nerosunero new website entirely powered by dripbook (ny) 01 06 09
it looks cool to me!


nerosunero reviewed on Two if by see

Excellent review of my work (though too generous) by Kristy Thomley at Two if by see, Boston, MA, United States

Thanks so much


The July Group (NY)

The July Group (NY), originally uploaded by nerosunero.

The July Group is my new illustrator agent for North America!
Absolutly great!

The July Group Agency
New York City, NY

Bloomsbury Square (Poster by nerosunero

Bloomsbury Square, London, client London Guide,
by nerosunero