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ABSOLUT Vis10ns by the Small Print

ABSOLUT has a rich creative legacy through collaborations with visionary artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, and most recently Ellen von Unwerth and Spike Jonze.

As part of ABSOLUT Fringe 2011, The Small Print are delighted to continue this tradition with ABSOLUT VIS10NS, our most ambitious collaborative creative project to date.

We challenged 10 leading Irish and international graphic artists to come together for a week and create their design in an open workshop, using an eye catching 8ft tall replica of the iconic ABSOLUT bottle as their canvas.

The 10 artists participating in ABSOLUT VIS10NS represent a variety of creative disciplines from across the globe from painting, fashion and photography to illustration and typography:

Ben Newman (UK) / BRENB (IRL) / Celestine Cooney (IRL) / DALEK (US) / Linda Brownlee (IRL) / Mario Sughi (ITA) / Niels Shoe Meulman (NL) / Rilla Alexander - RINZEN (OZ) / Steve Alexander - RINZEN (OZ) / The London Police (UK)

Open to the public from 8th-11th September
South Studios, Dublin 8

The free exhibition is part of ABSOLUT FRINGE and is open daily from 12pm to 7pm.

For more information visit​ABSOLUT.Ireland and​TheSmallerPrint &​absolutfringe

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Enjoy ABSOLUT Sensibly

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