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nerosunero at The Complex by LE COOL- Dublin (review)

nerosunero - Couple
The Complex, Block C, Units 18-21, Smithfield Square, Dublin 7.

Ah, the Italians! Great lovers, accomplished artists, passionate purveyors of all of life's juiciest fruits. It helps to have good hands, I suppose. Mario Sughi (aka nerosunero) has a fine eye and a steady hand and I've liked his vector-illustrations since he did a summer cover for le cool way back in the single digit issues. You know he's Italian by looking at his works. There are girls. Lots of girls. Girls in panties. Girls running on the beach. Half naked girls in laundrettes. It's more abstract than lewd though, and in this exhibition there is subtlety at play. It's a study of those moments couples share and it's the viewer, not the artist, who is the voyeur. Mario may have pedigree through his father Alberto - one of the greatest Italian artists of his generation - but his talent is clearly illustrated on these walls. / Vernon Steel
LE COOL (Dublin, Ireland, 30 VI 2011), *100

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