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Cartoonist Ben Heine Banned by Deviantart

Artist and political cartoonist Ben Heine today had his deviantart account
suspended for having posted this political cartoon on his gallery page:
Ben had created his cartoon (the one here reproduced on the left)
following a recent famous statement by Pope Benedict XVI
on his visit to Africa. Even before he got off the plane the pope made this
comment on condoms: "One cannot overcome the problem of AIDS with the
distribution of condoms," the pope told reporters on the plane. "On the contrary, they increase the
To be honest the decision by DeviantArt to ban Ben from their site did not take me by surprise.

Now in our western societies at the time of the (in)famous Mohamed cartoons many felt that the
fundemantalism and lack of freedom of expression belonged to the Muslim countries only, but in
fact (almost everyday) we have proofs (and this is only another one) that our societies are not
immune by this kind of stupidity, fear and censhorship.

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Ben Heine said...

Thank you, Mario, you're a great person and friend.