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Storie da Urano incontra Nerosunero

Storie da Urano incontra nerosunero

Storie da Urano (Milano, It, 27 II 2012)
intervista a cura di Sonia Pippinato, Graphic Designer.


nerosunero on pufferfish (dublin)

works from nerosunero (including some very vintage ones) are featuring on the homepage of pufferfish with a very nice commentary that I am particulary please to including here:

"Feast your eyes on the lavish world according Dublin based Italian artist, Mario Sughi – aka Nerosunero… A world ever so slightly askew, emboldened with brilliant colour and populated by beautiful people effortlessly endowed with an endless supply of nonchalant swagger, grace and style. It’s a world we here at pufferfish – hidden away beneath our wooly jumpers, hats and beards and grey eyed cynicism – are so far removed from, we find ourselves hopelessly entranced and incessantly drawn toward. Smitten. Mario’s exhibited and published worldwide, and you can check out lots more of his work on his website."

Pufferfish (Dublin, Ireland, 17 II 2012)



Nerosunero in the Annual of Associazione Illustratori

Eight of my works have been selected and will be included in the
(the annual of the Italian illustration)
associazioneillustratori/annual 2012
The Annual published by Fausto Lupetti Editore
will be launched at the Bologna Book Fair in March 2012


Blue Landscapes now on sale at Paperwork Gallery

On San Valentine's day Paperwork/Ugallery
has released a new limited edition of one of my most recent digital prints: Blue landscapes / Escape

The new limited edition print can be bought exclusively on line at
Paperwork: Mario Sughi
Paperwork / Ugallery (14 II 2012, San Francisco & New Yorks, USA)

A nice blog relating to the new release of this new print can be read at

In 2011 Paperwork/Ugallery released two editions of my prints:
Blue Shadows at Paperwork
New art gallery at Paperwork

Blue Landscapes / Escape, Limit ed print by nerosunero


nerosunero @ frizzifrizzi

nerosunero @ frizzifrizzi, originally uploaded by nerosunero.

nerosunero @ frizzifrizzi

7 opere e 7 domande, alle 7 di mattina, ad illustratori che si svegliano presto o non sono ancora andati a dormire.

7 works and 7 questions at 7 oclock in the morning to those illustrators that either get up early in the morning or have not gone to bed yet!

by Ethel

FrizziFrizzi (Bologna, It, 2 II 2012)



Enquire Magazine with the Doodle I created for the month of February 2012

"ENQUIRE is just another magazine about design, fashion, music, art, photography, trends and much more" (Italy, Februay 2012)